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December 08.2019
4 Minutes Read

12 days of Digital Marketing Give Aways To Power Your 2020!

Here we are on the cusp of a new year and a new decade. This decade will be positively consequential for businesses who have adopted and install a comprehensive digital business system. 

Cyber Monday is getting as much press as Black Friday, with a 13% year of year growth in online sales expected this holiday. To be winners in the customer journey, many folks are investing in technologies to break out of the me too marketing landscape to gain market leadership by sharpening their value proposition in a most persuasive manner while improving their customer satisfaction index.

 Most businesses live in the false comfort to think that all they need is a pretty website and a Facebook page. If you are not contemplating and implementing advanced strategies, you could easily end up on the dustbin of the next decade .
Businesses hallowed out for a lack of robust digital presence would be a tragedy for many communities. 

 Digital2grow is thus driven by the conviction that if you bring real value to the marketplace, we can provide you with a digital megaphone to allow you to rise above the noise and take a sustaining leadership role in your niche. 

 So to this end, we are calling all businesses who are serious about getting sales like Crazy in 2020 to take advantage of our unprecedented 8K holiday give away. 
 Yes, we will be opening our Treasure Chest of my most prized marketing gems to fuel your growth in 2020. Unlike most give aways, which only have a few winners, we will delight 12 WINNERS! 
Yes, we are giving away ? $8,100 worth of digital marketing capabilities... 
 Just take a peek at our give away commitment! 
1. Free landing page with CRM to capture your business leads valued at $597
 2. Free press release syndicated to over 200 national media outlets valued at $797
 3. Free 10 days of social posts with social channel syndication valued at $697 
 4. Free electronic sign in form to capture your client experience valued at $479
 5. Free Facebook and Twitter Social covers, a high converting billboard valued at $697
 6. Free logo design with tagline with multiple digital formats valued at $147 
7. Free 30 second video commercial with syndication and SEO valued at $897 
8. Free review video with syndication valued at $897
 9. Free business survey with analytics valued at $247 
10. Free electronic coupon and redemption capabilities valued at $947 
11. Free high converting digital display ad design set of 20 valued at 879
 12. Free lead magnet for 12 months with CRM to collect leads $875 

 ⏰ This generosity ends on December 30th at 11:59 pm EST. 
 ?? Enter now for your chance to win one of these business changing capabilities thus turbo-charging your enterprise in 2020 



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